Sunday, January 17, 2016

Da' Halrazzers - Here Come Da Halrazzers EP (2014) V0

Country: USA (Miami, FL)
Released: 2014
Label: Chopped Herring Records
Quality: V0
Duration: 37:01


1. Stylez Of Uh Razzer
2. Death Rattle (Rockmaster Remix)
3. Here We Come
4. Death Rattle
5. Verbal Warfare
6. Death Rattle (Remix)
7. Peace Talks
8. Stylez Of Uh Razzer (Instrumental)
9. Stylez Of Uh Razzer (Acapella)

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  1. hi. can you re-up the link this e.p. it says you need to enter decryption key to access the file.

    i was looking for this for a long time, they are from my hometown.

    thanks again.

    keep dong your thing.