Monday, November 28, 2016

The Anonymous (Moonshine) - Green And Gold (1998) 320kbps

Country: USA (Los Angeles, CA)
Released: 1998
Label: Good Vibe Recordings
Quality: 320kbps
Duration: 47:24


1. When We Were Kings
2. Green And Gold Featuring - Eminem
3. I Spy
4. Fantasy Island Featuring - Last Man, Zaire Black
5. Dedicated
6. Manifest Destiny
7. Dr. EZ's Cool Fantastic Part I Featuring - Awol One, Erule, Orah, Jizzm, Jyant, Medusa, Nikko
8. Dr. EZ's Cool Fantastic Part II Featuring - Asop, Divine Styler, Mystik Journeymen, Neb Love, Iriscience, The Grouch, Tony Da Skitzo
9. Life

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